Friday, February 27, 2009

Riding "Broomahs"

James really loves "broomahs" (snowmobiles). So his Daddy took him on a ride on the last (hopefully!) snow of the year.

Andy looks like he's having fun. James, well, the jury's out on that!
Here's an action shot. That's James' boot.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Daddy's Helper

James helped Andy with his "Honey Do" list this weekend.

By "help" I mean ran away with his flashlight, stole the screwdriver and hit the dresser with a hammer.
Does this need to be tightened down?
Dad, do you need the hammer now? Now? Now?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Greasy McVaselineHead

We really should know better. When he's quiet, worry.

A two year old and a tub of Vaseline. A greasy story.

Here's his application technique.

And the end result.

Isn't he lovely?

My trip to the U.P.

I got to visit my grandpa and grandma in the U.P. again while my dad went snowmobiling with his friends. Each day started out with breakfast with the birdies... there were a lot of them and it was hard to eat breakfast when I wanted to keep looking out the window.

Then it was time to go outside. It was below zero the whole time so I had to dress warm and wasn't allowed to stay out as long as I wanted to. It made me pretty mad...

First I got a sled ride to warm up my grandpa...

Then Will and Bozzy and I had to help grandpa knock down those high snow banks. I think I was really a help to him...

The next day, a little girl came over to play with me. She was just my age and her name was Aria. Her grandma and grandpa are good friends of my grandma and grandpa. They even went to high school together!

Our grandpas showed us all the birds and the bunnies and the squirrels...

Then we played with my mom so she wouldn't feel left out...

We played in my toy tent. I never did get to play with all the toys in there. She just wanted to play with the stuffed animals and read books and I wanted to play with the trucks. I guess she just doesn't know what's really fun.

This is just a picture to show how a bear goes... he growls loud!

I had to check the temperature outside when it was time to go... I couldn't see through the frost on the glass, though. I was pretty cold.

I got my hat and boots on, though, grabbed the cooler, rounded up the dogs, and I was set to head home.

The handprints on the glass were all that was left... and the toys all over the house. That's so my grandma and grandpa don't miss me too much.